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What is h1tchr?

h1tchr is a software company that currently offers two ways for you to enjoy the music you love: a Spotify App and a web app. h1tchr for Spotify was designed to bring you the ultimate "liner notes" album experience to the Spotify music streaming platform. h1tchr.com allows you explore and create connections between the songs you know and love.

h1tchr Spotify FAQ

Why isn't the album info showing up? The album info is incomplete, and I know what should be there, can I help out?

We are currently working with the echonest and discogs.com to provide you with the most relevant and accurate details about artists and their music. Our credits are returned from discogs.com at the ALBUM level so if you are listening to a single you will get the Wikipedia article but in some cases may not see the album credits. If no album credits appear, use h1tchr is to navigate to the artist's album by clicking on artist's name and replay the song from it's respective album. There are also isolated circumstances of deluxe album versions, reissues etc which may confuse the discogs search engine and not return results. Again, the best way to see the credits is to load the main album release. As discogs.com is constantly evolving in their definition and inclusion of credits in a "master" our results will improve in time. Our engine searches the "master" of a particular release then if there are no credits on "master" finds the "key" release of that master. Many times updating the "key" release in the "edit master" section of discogs solves the problem. The process of creating a massive music library is an imperfect process, but the success of what we are doing depends upon contributions from fans and connoisseurs like you! If you have something to contribute and help make h1tchr the best it can be, head over to www.discogs.com or contact us at [email protected] and make your voice heard!

If there seems to be technical difficulties with your h1tchr experience, please contact us at [email protected].

h1tchr for Spotify won't add to my Spotify sidebar - what gives?

h1tchr (like other Spotify apps) are free with a premium account. If you don't already have it, Spotify Premium is available as a free trial.

If you are a Spotify Premium member and are having problems adding h1tchr to your sidebar, contact Spotify.

Why is the Wikipedia info for another artist of same name coming in?

On rare occasion two artists share the same name or perhaps the name of a major appliance! Please send us those mis-matches and we will notify echonest who provide us with the wikipedia link.

h1tchr Website FAQ

What the heck do I do with this site?

Think of a song you know sounds like another and search its title...if nothing comes up then go ahead and make a new h1tchmap?

What is a h1tchmap?

A h1tchmap is a web of songs that are related to each other by similar sonic or lyrical qualities. Ever hear a song that sounded like another one or a song that sampled a clip from another? h1tchr allows you to visually "h1tch" these songs together and create a web of related music to explore, play with, and share!

Do I need to have a Facebook account to use h1tchr.com?

While you don't need a facebook account to explore the h1tchmaps on www.h1tchr.com, you will need a Facebook account to login with a Facebook Connect in order contribute your knowledge (saving or creating h1tches and h1tchmaps) to the site.

What information do you collect from my Facebook Connect login? What do you do with that information?

h1tchr is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. At this time, we only collect your username, email address, and profile image from your Facebook Connect login. We're using this login in our beta stage because it is the most secure option. We don't sell or distribute your information. As h1tchr grows, and if we make changes to any of these policies, you will notified and provided an opt-out if desired.

Why do some songs have audio that plays while others are blank?

Our music clips come from echonest. As echonest is constantly growing and expanding more and more clips are being added. If there are multiple selections in making a h1tch you can try the other options from the dropdown and see if they have clips attached.

Why are the release dates occasionally wrong?

Occasionally you will need to manually change a release date. With all the reissues and remasters often the classic records will show the re-release date. In this case we have made the release date an editable field and ask that you take care in adding in the proper release date.

How can I post my h1tchmap to Facebook or Twitter?

We recommend for now that you post a screenshot and copy the URL from the locator bar of your browser. We are in the process of making this easier so bear with us while we tweak.